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People from Charlestown looking for a reliable mouth guard for sleep apnoea and a long-lasting mouth guard for snoring know to call Dental Sleep Professionals for a cost-effective solution. Sleep apnoea, mouth disorders, and throat conditions can cause night-time oral grinding and clenching. It can keep students, employees, and athletes from performing at their best, so our sleep technicians provide the most innovative and effective treatments without charging an arm and a leg.

Sleep apnoea mouth guards are famous for being the most cost-efficient solution for some of the most prevalent dental-related sleep disorders, especially compared to a CPAP machine. According to recent studies, 7.8% of Australian men have professionally diagnosed sleep apnoea, causing difficulty staying asleep, irritability when awake, and excessive daytime sleepiness.

You can find stock mouth guards for snoring and one-size-fits-all mouth guards for sleep apnoea at just about any sporting goods vendor and drugstore, but it may take more than that to get rid of excessive snoring and sleeplessness for good. Our sleep technicians provide the most advanced mandibular advancement splints in the business, along with other oral appliances that are non-invasive, painless to use, and custom-fitted to your tooth and mouth profile. Call Dental Sleep Professionals at 02 9477 7128 (NSW) / 07 3477 9490 (QLD), and we’ll give you a free consultation.

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Meet Your Experts

Our sleep technicians and dental appliance specialists at Dental Sleep Professionals have years of experience providing Australians with better and more refreshing nights of sleep. Dr Joachim Ngiam is our chief dentist, and he’s responsible for multiple landmark contributions to oral sleep technology. You can find his research in publications like Sleep Review and journals from the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine.

When you come in for a treatment, we’ll exhaust all non-invasive options before recommending procedures that involve moving the jaw permanently, such as maxillomandibular advancement surgery. Call us today for the best mouth guards for snoring and the most cost-efficient mouth guards for sleep apnoea.

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