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Many athletes, professionals, and students in Gosford are looking for high-quality mouth guards for snoring and efficient mouth guards for sleep apnoea. Dental illnesses are one of the most prevalent causes of sleep disorders in Australia, affecting approximately one in every ten citizens. So, if you’re looking for effective treatment of jaw grinding and clenching and the seizure of the upper airways when you’re sleeping, sleep apnoea mouth guards are right up your alley.

Dental Sleep Professionals is the number one provider of cost-efficient medical devices that treat sleep apnoea and other dental-related sleep disorders in Gosford. We have hundreds of glowing reviews from clients who are local business owners, employees, and students. We’ll be happy to add you to their growing number if you’re looking for a mouth guard for snoring or a mouth guard for sleep apnoea.

When you visit our Gosford offices for treatment, our team of sleep technicians and clinicians will create a unique mould of your bite. We will fashion it into a non-toxic thermoplastic splint after one or two days, and you can say goodbye to sleep apnoea and night-time grinding. Our mandibular advancement splints are travel-friendly, affordable, and 100% painless to wear, helping you avoid teeth grinding without moving the jaw.


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If you want a non-invasive treatment for obstructive sleep apnoea that doesn’t involve buying or renting expensive machines, our MAS devices are your safest and most cost-efficient option. Call the Dental Sleep Professionals Gosford office today by dialling 02 9477 7128 (NSW) / 07 3477 9490 (QLD)

Meet Our Team of Dental Sleep Experts

Dr Joachim Ngiam is one of the most respected figures in dental sleep technology today.

He holds a PhD in Sleep Medicine from the University of Sydney. He and his team of experienced dental sleep technicians have been helping Australians get a refreshing night’s sleep for over two decades. Visit the Dental Sleep Professionals Gosford office today, and get long-lasting mouth guards for snoring and high-quality mouth guards for sleep apnoea.

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