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Gold Coast Sleep Specialists Offering a Mouth Guard for Sleep Apnoea

Do you have mild to moderate sleep apnoea or snoring? The sleep therapists at Dental Sleep Professionals may be able to help. We provide non-surgical and affordable treatment options that use an oral dental appliance or mouth guard for sleep apnoea to treat sleep apnoea and reduce snoring quickly and effectively.

When you schedule an appointment at our Gold Coast clinic, our experts analyse your symptoms to determine the severity of the condition and custom design a mouth guard for snoring that provides immediate relief.

Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) is a sleep condition that causes patients to stop breathing temporarily over a hundred times in a single night. This interrupted breathing occurs due to a relaxing of the muscles of the throat and neck, which stops air from reaching the upper airway.

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Short-term symptoms include weight gain, chronic fatigue, snoring, and daytime drowsiness. In the long term, however, sleep apnoea can have a significant negative impact on a patient’s health and wellbeing, causing severe health conditions such as obesity, stroke, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

At Dental Sleep Professionals, our focus includes quickly relieving the effects of obstructive sleep apnoea by using a custom-fitted, high-quality mouth guard for sleep apnoea that reduces snoring and promotes better sleep.

These oral dental appliances are comfortable, simple to use and clean, and provide effective treatment for sleep apnoea without medication or surgery. They also don’t require electricity to work and are highly portable and discreet.

Visit our Gold Coast sleep clinic at Suite 2.03, Level 2, 29 Carrara Street, Benowa, to schedule your fitting for a mouth guard for snoring or a mouth guard for sleep apnoea. Alternatively, you may call 02 9477 7128 (NSW) / 07 3477 9490 (QLD) to book an appointment.

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