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If you’re looking for a high-quality mouth guard for snoring or a durable mouth guard for sleep apnoea, our clinicians and dentists from Dental Sleep Professionals have you covered. We’re experts in the effective treatment of conditions that affect the upper airway, giving our patients reduced snoring, higher-quality sleep, and long-lasting pain relief. Apnoea mouth guards are one of our most cost-efficient and medically effective treatment options, along with other models that can stop teeth grinding, clenching, and other habits that disturb your sleep.

You can find many stock mouth guards in online shops, drugstores, and sporting goods vendors, but nothing beats the efficiency and durability of a custom-fit model. We are the leading provider of custom mouth guards in Miranda, helping hundreds of customers get a good night’s sleep. We have hundreds of five-star reviews on independent websites, social media pages, and online forums, and we’ll be more than happy to add you to our growing roster of satisfied clients.

We have years of experience crafting mouth guards for people with all kinds of dental makeup. When you come in for a custom fitting, our licenced dentists will create an impression of your bite and then mould a sheet of non-toxic thermoplastic polymer to make a long-lasting mouth guard. Our mouth guards help alleviate jaw pain, tooth pain, and sore gums for many people, so visit our Miranda clinic today and see what we can do for you.

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Our Award-Winning Team

Our Miranda dental office features a team of experienced dental sleep technicians who have been making mouth guards for snoring and mouth guards for sleep apnoea for decades. Dr Joachim Ngiam serves as our head dentist, and you can find his research featured in various publications, such as Sleep Review. We’re the leading providers of mandibular advancement splints in Australia, which help people sleep with their airways free of obstructions, leading to minimised snoring and reduced apnoea.

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