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Many people from Port Macquarie and Taree are looking for a reliable mouth guard for snoring and cost-efficient mouth guards for sleep apnoea. Many of them live with undiagnosed conditions of the upper airway. If you’re looking for effective treatment options to reduce snoring, night-time teeth grinding, and other dental-related sleep disorders, apnoea mouth guards may be your best bet.

Our oral appliance specialists and sleep technicians at Dental Sleep Professionals have years of experience giving people better sleep quality across Australia. We have numerous service areas, and we receive hundreds of five-star reviews from satisfied customers on social media pages and online forums every month. We’ll be happy to count you among our growing roster of satisfied clients by providing the best mouth guards for snoring and the most effective mouth guards for sleep apnoea to remedy your condition.

Sleep apnoea stops your nervous system from receiving sufficient oxygen when you’re sleeping, increasing your risk factors for stroke and heart disease. If you neglect it, it can leave you groggy for days and cause excessive night-time snoring. Most of our clients are tired of hooking up CPAP machines to their faces when they sleep, so they use our custom-fitted night guards to keep their upper airways open.

According to recent studies, around 62% of Australian males will develop some form of sleep apnoea before they hit 70. Sleep apnoea is one of the most prevalent oral and respiratory disorders in Australia. Stop yours early with a dental check-up from Dental Sleep Professionals.

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Dental Sleep Professionals is an association of dentists, oral appliance specialists, and sleep technicians passionate about removing oral obstructions to a good night’s sleep. Dr Joachim Ngiam and his team have been creating the most reliable mouth guards for snoring and the most cost-efficient mouth guards for sleep apnoea in Australia for over three decades. Call us today, and see what our experts can offer you.

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